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Shipping Printed Books to the EU Post Brexit

Jeffrey Montgomery -

Wanting to ship printed books to the EU and are concerned about additional fees?

For printed books that are to be delivered outside of the US/Canada, we use a printing partner in the UK. None of our book shipments should have any additional fees to pay upon delivery.


For our customers in the EU, our printer utilizes the IOSS system for any orders that are valued less than 150 Euro: 

  • We collect the Value Added Tax at the time of purchase. 
  • We then transmit our IOSS number and specify certain IOSS shipment methods to our printer for that order.
  • The order then is printed and shipped with our IOSS number on the package which should allow it to get through customs and be delivered with no further customs or VAT to the recipient. 

For book shipments to the EU that are valued over 150 EUR, we use a Duty-Prepaid freight option where the freight cost is generally higher.  As with smaller orders, any taxes or fees are collected at the time of purchase and the delivery will go through to the recipient without any additional costs.



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